How long does it take to start work on my order?
image We’ll start you work within 24 hours.Usually we try our best to start work asap we get your order and very soon you’ll see the update of your order.

How long will it take to complete my order?
imageThe amount of time an order takes depends solely on that particular order. Once the order is received it begins processing within 24 hours, then over a period of time we deliver your service until your order has been fulfilled.Your order will be delivered as quickly as possible.Please visit our Buy SoundCloud Services page for turnaround time of every package.
Can I purchase same services from multiple supplier ?
image We keep track of how many likes, followers etc we’ve sent you by noting the count of likes, followers on your profile at the start of the campaign. Then we keep working on the process until your page has the number of services that you purchased. We do not recommend that you run multiple campaigns at one time. We cannot tell the difference between a same service that we send you and comes from another campaign.

Do you need my SoundCloud account password? What information do you need ?
image No, we do not need your any password.After completing the payment page you should go to the order page to submit the information are needed to start the order.

Are you affiliated with SoundCloud .com ?
image No, we are absolutely not affiliated with in any way. We are a wholly separate and independent company.

What can I do when my Soundcloud campaign is in progress ?
image Make sure that your has interesting content, music tracks that will grab the attention of any visitor. Post regularly, engage your likes by asking them questions and replying to their comments, liking music etc…. Remember that the SoundCloud users are real, and it’s most likely they are first time seeing your profile or hearing Music! so make sure you make a good first impression.

Can you target certain visitors from certain countries or can I place custom order ?
image We do have custom packages available with more extensive targeting for other countries, however as they are harder to target (less populations) there is a premium but contact us directly so we can workout a custom package and price for you.

How to place an order with requirements?
image When you purchase a package always send us the required urls, targeting requirements, paypal transaction id etc after completing order.You can submit all required things at the bottom of the Buy SoundCloud Services page.

1. Click any “Buy Now” button (this will take you to PayPal Log in page)

2. Log in to your PayPal account.

3. Once you are logged in,Click confirm to confirm your payment with PayPal.

4.After completing order return back to Buy SoundCloud Services page and submit all required information.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee ?
image We Guarantee that you will receive the full order exactly you expected. We Guarantee that you will receive all of the plays, downloads etc you ordered. We will not stop our process until you receive your full order. You will be satisfied with our service and you satisfaction is our main key. If you are not you can request a refund, no questions asked. We always want to satisfy you.If we can satisfy you by our service, we hope and believe you’ll come again and again and you’ll be a regular customer and that’s what we want.

Can I place a custom order?
image Yes you can place a custom order.Just send us an email or use Contact page to contact with us.

Do You Have Any Questions? Please Contact Us and let us know your unique order and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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